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Team Allsouth – Ultra4 Racing – “Clash at Crossbar” Recap

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“Clash at Crossbar” Recap for Allsouth Autosports

Capturing an experience like the “Clash at Crossbar” weekend with Ultra4 Racing and the Team Allsouth crew was nothing less than exhilarating. Fast buggies, loud engines, and dust in the air signaled one crazy weekend to say the least. Utilizing the (cropped) special frame rate feature on the Canon C300 MII allowed our team of creatives to capture details of the race with precision in slow motion. High resolution shoots are time consuming due the amount and size of content captured, so a strong workflow was needed to maintain production in such a hostile environment. Being prepared through scripting, site planning, and other pre-production needs allowed for the NETFREQtv team to beat the heat and capture one beautiful and wild weekend. Enjoy this review and stay tuned for more content, coming soon!


DJ Falk – Producer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator
Chase – Production Assistant, Camera Operator



Canon C300 MII

Panasonic GH5

DJI Inspire1



Canon L Series 28-300mm

Canon L Series 24-70mm

Canon L Series 16-35mm

Panasonic Leica 15mm

Zenmuse x5 (Aerial)

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