American Cancer Society Medal of Honor Awards Features 2018

Every two years, the American Cancer Society holds a ceremony to recognize those who have a global impact on the fight for a cure. The 2018 Medal of Honor ceremony was held on the first weekend of October in Washington D.C. at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

After meeting several times with the ACS leadership; Executive Producer, Dale Falk Jr. was tasked with bringing to life the stories around the Medal of Honor winners and their campaign against cancer. There was a major need for the highest quality in production due to the caliber of the 2018 awards.  The five honorees being featured included; Former Vice President Joe Biden, Prof. Jennifer Doudna, Ph.D, Prof. Emmanuel Charpentier, MD, Ph.D, Michael Thun, Ph.D, and Charis Eng, Ph.D.

A documentary style approach was taken and the Network Frequency team set out for over four months to interview world renown professors, doctors, and experts from around the scientific community about the impact generated by the efforts of the Medal of Honor nominees.

Combining the interviews, personal and public content, five different short features of 5 minutes were created to be shown at the ceremony in Washington D.C. It was an emotional and thrilling experience to hear such stories of dedication against an enemy like cancer. 

The videos were highly received and beyond appreciated by both the American Cancer Society and the honorees. What truly amazing stories.

We can share the links upon request for viewing.

The Network Frequency team also was retained to capture the actual ACS Medal of Honor Ceremonies as well, providing support for b-roll and photography capture for social media usage by the client.


Executive Producer, Director & Editor – Dale Falk Jr.

Assistant Director – Chase Waldroup

Director of Photography, Co-Editor – Tim Daust

Composer, Audio Supervisor – George Sideris

Location Audio Engineers – Skip Lepekas, Jeremy Avalon, Daniel Patterson


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